Chapel Seating

Please sit in your assigned seat.

Attendance takers have been instructed to report students who are absent or late. They may not give you permission to sit elsewhere. Please see someone in the Student Life & Discipleship office in advance if you need permission to sit anywhere other than your assigned seat for any reason.

If you arrive late to chapel, be sure to sign the ushers’ attendance sheet so that your presence in chapel can be verified.

The Registrar’s Office routinely seats spouses next to each other if both are students.

If you are married to a staff member or staff GA, the Registrar’s Office will, upon request, provide an empty seat beside you on the main floor of the Amphitorium so that your spouse can sit with you on the days that you both attend chapel. Please make this request at The Hub.

If you are married to a faculty member or teaching GA who attends chapel daily, the Registrar’s Office will, upon request, excuse you from your regular chapel seat in order to sit with your spouse in the balcony. This is done on a semester-by-semester basis. Please make this request at The Hub.

Any absence from chapel should be reported to the Student Life & Discipleship office.

If you need permission to not attend chapel on a regular basis (as a part-time student, for example), you should apply for permission to miss via just as if you had an assigned chapel seat.


4 thoughts on “Chapel Seating

  1. Betty RooksBetty Rooks Post author

    Good question, Joshua. Take a look at the Information for Specific Groups (from the home page, click on the 1st Semester tab at the top, then Chapel, then Information for Specific Groups). You will find an entry for “High school students taking university classes.” From what you say below, I think you qualify for that exemption, and it looks like the Records Office saw that and gave you “no campus responsibilities” status, which means that you do not have a chapel requirement this semester. That’s why you don’t see a chapel seat assignment in Student Central. Enjoy your classes.

  2. Abigail Dey

    Where do I find my assigned seat for chapel? Also, since I am a town student , do I need to attend chapel on days that my last class is before 11:00?

    1. Betty RooksBetty Rooks Post author

      Good morning, Abigail. Your chapel seat assignment should be on your Student Central Profile page. I think (although I can’t say for sure because when I look at my page, I don’t have a chapel seat assignment) that it is in the column on the right at the top of the page. We did have a few students yesterday who said their seat assignment was not there. If yours is not, let us know, and we’ll find it for you. Regarding chapel attendance, yes, as a full-time student, you will need to be in chapel every day that you have a class. There are a few exceptions, and you can take a look at those by clicking on the 1st Semester tab at the top of the DSC home page, then Chapel, then Attendance Expectations and Information for Specific Groups. Hope this helps. Have a great semester!

      1. Joshua Floyd

        Betty, I am a local dual-enrollment high school student taking 2 undergraduate courses this semester. I have not been informed of my chapel requirements, and I do not see a seat designation on my Student Central Profile page.

        Thank you for any help in this matter,

        Joshua Floyd

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