Get Help

Questions? Concerns? We are here to help!

We know that it is easy to feel unsure or overwhelmed. You have a lot of different roles and responsibilities as students. If you ever have any questions or just need someone to talk with, please contact us at [email protected], call (864) 241-1645, or stop by our office in the student center.

Left to right:
Jon Daulton (Director of Student Life)
Aaron Burk (Asst. Men’s Dir. of Student Life)  Tracee Veenstra (Office Manager)                    Trevin Ascher (Administrative Assistant)
Jen Cox (Asst. Women’s Dir. of Student Life)
Ashley Anderson (Systems Coordinator)
Deneen Lawson (Women’s Director of Student Life)

You might also want to check out the wide range of academic and technological services available at Don’t be held back by what you don’t know. We are eager to see you succeed!