A 10-day calendar of required events.
This calendar will be updated daily Monday through Friday.

March 22-27

Spring break


More information available in the BJU Calendar of Events


7 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Brandon

    I need to submit an exemption from for the opening services. I saw a note that the forms would open Monday Aug. 22 at 8am. I have checked and the forms are still unavailable.

    1. Betty RooksBetty Rooks Post author

      Rob, there are no traditional vesper programs this semester. There is only the Messiah performance in December.

  2. Esperanza Gomez

    Discipleship Seminar

    Are society officers required to attend every discipleship seminar or is there a certain number?

    Thank you,

    Esperanza Gomez

    1. Betty RooksBetty Rooks Post author

      Esperanza, I’m sure you’re wondering why no one has replied to your question. I’m still trying to find someone who knows the answer. Mr. Weathers is checking for me, and hopefully we will have an answer for you at least by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

    2. Betty RooksBetty Rooks Post author

      Esperanza, you’ve waited very patiently for us to answer your question, and just this morning I learned that all society presidents, vice presidents, and chaplains must attend all of the discipleship seminars. Minor officers (chorister, historian, athletic director, treasurer, etc.) do not need to attend future seminars this semester, only the first one. All officers are welcome to attend these seminars, but only presidents, vice presidents, and chaplains are required to attend. I apologize that it took so long to get an answer for you, but at least I know the information above is accurate. Again, thanks for your patience.


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