No Campus Responsibilities

BJU offers a holistic education that is specifically to help students reach their highest potential for the glory of God. This educational experience extends above and beyond the class to include chapel meetings, discipleship groups, Fine Arts performances, an annual Bible Conference, and other spiritual, cultural and academic opportunities.

We understand, however, that the typical college student pursues a full-time degree program within a year of graduating from high school, without full-time work or family obligations. There is a sector of our student body whose degree completion approach is best described as “non-traditional.” We want to provide non-traditional students the same opportunities that are afforded to traditional students, while providing greater flexibility for non-traditional students to make discerning choices about the use of their time as they juggle the various responsibilities of life.

In an effort to effectively define a “non-traditional” student, we have identified the following criteria:

Housing: off-campus (or campus rental agreement)   and

  1. Age: 25 or older   or
  2. Family obligations: married, has been married, or has one or more children at home   or
  3. Degree program: has completed bachelor’s degree or is enrolled in only a distance term (i.e., grad, post-grad, online only, off-campus classroom, etc.)   or
  4. Credits: enrolled in 6 or fewer

This means that although you are welcome to attend, you are not required to attend chapel; Concert, Opera & Drama Series programs; Living Gallery; Bible Conference; opening services; or Commencement activities. Concert, Opera & Drama Series program tickets are available to all students (graduate and undergraduate, full-time and part-time) if they choose to use them.

During Bible Conference, we cancel all classes for a few days so that students can attend services. Due to the special nature of this week, we ask that you attend any services that meet during a time that you would typically attend class. You can find this year’s schedule at

NCR students who are connected to the on-campus community through resident coursework, campus rental housing, or BJU, Inc. or BJUEG employment are still to abide by the Campus Community Code of Conduct. Attendance at non-class activities may still be required by your academic program or employment status (e.g., Graduate Assistants are to attend chapel [2 days per week in most cases], Bible Conference, opening service, and Commencement activities). Note: An individual’s eligibility for NCR is reevaluated each semester, since course loads vary in the process of degree completion. 

We are very glad that you are here as a student, and we want to do all we can to include you in the BJU community while not imposing on your other significant responsibilities. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be of help to you throughout this semester!