Limited Absences

Chapel absences for all reasons require the approval of the Student Life staff.

If an absence is unavoidable and unexpected (car trouble, for instance), you will need to call the Student Life office before chapel begins or as soon afterward as is possible. Always take care of anticipated absences (such as an interview or appointment that cannot be scheduled at a different time) by submitting a request to be away ahead of time rather than after the fact.

Planned and unplanned absences are recorded as absences. Two absences are permitted for uncommon reasons such as job interviews, doctor’s appointments and service opportunities (not, for example, studying, sleeping or extra work hours). Additional absences will incur a 25-demerit penalty. Absences because of out-of-town travel or illness will be excused; however, if a student is able to attend classes, he or she will also be expected to attend chapel.