Do I need to join a society?

Married students and students who are 23 or older may choose not to join a society.

If you are taking 11 hours or fewer, you are not required to attend society meetings. You are, however, required to join a society. At some point in your college career, you may take 12 or more hours, in which case you will be expected to attend society meetings. For this reason we ask that you join a society, even though you may choose not to participate as a part-time student.

You are welcome to participate in society (play sports, hold a society office, etc.) as a part-time student if you are willing to forego your part-time exemption and attend society meetings on a regular basis. However, if you are taking just one class, you need permission from the dean of students to participate in society.

If your only class on Friday is at 3 or 4 p.m., you may request a society exemption. You are, however, required to be a member of a society.

Post graduate special students, if you finish in December but stay second semester taking undergraduate courses, you may choose to stay in your society, or you may choose to be part of the graduate class, which has no attendance requirement. If you take graduate work second semester, you automatically become part of the graduate class.

PGS students who are cleared for graduate studies but are working off undergraduate deficiencies do not participate in society.

PGS students taking 12 or more credits but not approved for graduate school are expected to continue to attend society.

To opt out of society, see The Hub.

To request an exemption from society attendance, submit an exemption request online.