Permission to Miss Chapel

Chapel Exemptions

If you’re not sure you are eligible for a chapel exemption, read the general attendance requirements and check the information for specific groups.

To request a chapel exemption for I Session (May 12-June 6), submit a DS-8 form, available beginning Monday, May 12, at 8 a.m.

You can access day student exemption forms and track the status of forms you have submitted on the Avenue, which is accessible from the BJU intranet home page at

Log in using the login name and password on your admission certificate.  You will see a list of currently available day student forms.  Follow the instructions on each form.

Occasional Absences

If you need to miss chapel because of an unexpected event like illness, car trouble or being held over at work, you will need to call the Dean of Men’s or Dean of Women’s Office before chapel begins or as soon afterward as is possible.

An unavoidable confilct (a doctor’s appointment that cannot be scheduled at a different time, for example) can also be handled in the Dean of Men’s or Dean of Women’s Office.  Always take care of these kinds of anticipated absences ahead of time rather than after the fact.

Mrs. Marcia Wetterlund (241-1647) in the Dean of Women’s Office, and
Mr. David Minnick (241-1646) in the Dean of Men’s Office will be happy to help you.