Attendance Expectations

You are expected to take your exams as scheduled and fulfill all of your attendance responsibilities during exam week.

Even if your exam is first thing in the morning or late in the day, if you have an exam and you are not exempt as stated below, you are expected to be in chapel on Monday and Wednesday and to attend the Student Body program on Tuesday.

You are not expected to attend chapel on the days that you have no exams. If you have no exams on Tuesday, you may miss the Student Body program as well.

You may miss chapel or the Student Body program if you have a regular (recurring) work exemption and will be working those same hours during exam week,

Please note that you may miss only events that conflict with your regular semester schedule, not your Christmas schedule. Also, you may not add work hours that conflict with required events.

Please also note that the recurring semester exemption does not excuse chapel absences during exam week, and recurring chapel exemptions for part-time students are not honored during exam week. Chapel attendance requirements during exam week are based on your exam schedule with exceptions made for regularly scheduled work.

Students with no campus responsibilities may miss chapel during exam week without additional approval.

There is no chapel on Thursday. Following chapel on Wednesday, you are free to leave after your last exam or work obligation.