Attendance Expectations

There are two Days of Prayer during the 2014-15 school year, on September 30 and on February 24.  These are very important days in the spiritual life of BJU, when as a community of believers we seek the Lord for answered prayer.

We expect all university and graduate students to attend all of the Day of Prayer sessions and chapels.  Part-time students as well need to attend all of the Day of Prayer events.  Only those who have no campus responsibilities may miss without prior approval.

Approval will be granted for you to miss sessions that conflict with your regular work or ministry outreach schedule. You may not add work hours or outreach activities that conflict with the Day of Prayer schedule.

Look ahead and do not plan events or plan to be away during Days of Prayer.  Some conflicts are unavoidable, and we will work with you in such cases, but you need to secure permission well in advance for those occasions.