Bible Conference Regulations

Bible Conference Regulations

Bible Conference provides many opportunities for renewal through biblical preaching, sacred music and fellowship. Although classes do not meet during Bible Conference, university expectations remain in effect. This week is unique, and we want students to be well-informed of the schedules, opportunities and responsibilities.


  • Class attire is appropriate for the daytime services and when out on the campus during the day (until 7 p.m.). Formal attire (coat or tie for men and dress or skirt for women) is appropriate for the evening services. Grooming policies remain in effect.
  • Recreational attire is appropriate for areas behind the stadium and Davis Field House. Casual attire may be worn on campus after the evening services.


  • Students are to attend all services unless they have a permanent outreach ministry where their presence is required to maintain a ministry or unless they have a conflict with a regular weekly work schedule.
  • Students who need to miss Bible Conference services should secure an exemption by Tuesday, Feb. 8 here (failure to do so by the deadline will result in a late submission infraction). Those working on campus will be excused by their work managers. Recurring chapel exemptions do not apply during Bible Conference.
  • Because of heavy congestion at the start of each service, we ask that students plan to arrive and begin entering the amphitorium no later than 15 minutes before each service. Ushers will help you be seated.
  • Students are advised that arriving late or missing a Bible Conference service will result in an infraction.

Social Activities

  • Beginning after the 10 a.m. service on Wednesday, lawns, except those surrounding the main entrance, are open for social activities during daytime hours. Gallery Green, Palmetto Green, and the lawn beside the Student Center are open both during the day and in the evening until 10:50 p.m. through Friday, Feb. 18.
  • Students may enjoy picnic meals on the lawns but may not move the outside furniture onto the lawns.
  • Items may not be left on lawns or benches or in the Student Center mall or buildings during services.
  • The stadium field, Field 1 (adjacent to the stadium field), and the lower fields are closed to all activity because of Bruins intercollegiate soccer practice and field care/maintenance. The sand volleyball court, the activity center, and Field 2 are open for free recreation between services until 10:50 p.m.

Meal Schedule

The Bible Conference dining common meal schedule will be available on the intranet.

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