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Welcome to Day Student Connection

“Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ.” Philippians 1:27

This Week!

Thursday 11:00am – Society Meetings

Friday 11:00am – Presidential Leadership Series

Upcoming Events…

February 14-17 – Bible Conference | God’s Steadfast Love

As you know, we schedule several non-class required events each semester that serve a key function of our institutional mission. Students with a fixed work schedule are only eligible to miss two non-class required events each semester.

   Bible conference is February 14-17 and is required for all students.  In light of our attendance policy, students who work should note the following considerations regarding Bible Conference attendance.  Students may miss daytime Bible Conference services according to their regular work schedule.  Students with a fixed evening work schedule may request an exemption for one evening service only. Please do not add work hours that conflict with any Bible Conference services or workshops. Eligible students should submit an exemption request using the “Bible Conference” tab on their dashboard at

** Check the 10 Day Calendar for other required events!

New Mypath System

We are so thankful for the hard work our IT department has put into the new Student Life app–mypath This app is accessible anytime from your laptop and/or mobile device where you can view your pending infractions and fines right on the dashboard.

If you have received any infractions, a Student Life notification will be sent to you the following Sunday evening from a “Do Not Reply” address. When you open this email, it will give pertinent info as to how to take care of your pending infractions including the link above. 

You are strongly encouraged to visit your mypath dashboard regularly so you do not forget to take care of any pending infractions you may have.