Monday, June 18, 2018

I spend the morning in town trying to take care of some business, so I miss the activities at Tumaini. Since I’m going in, the crew has a whole shopping list for me, which I’m glad to pick up. The 3 things they’re most desperate for are milk, hand soap, and toilet paper. I manage to get all of those, and most of the other things they ask for, and get it all stuffed into my backpack—since the last leg of the trip is on a pikipiki, it all needs to fit there. Of course, the large package of tp can’t all get inside the zipper, so it sticks out of the top.

You can see this coming, right? Somewhere between Sweya, where I hire the pikipiki, and Tumaini, the tp takes leave of its rightful owner and sets out on its own. It’s a sad day when I have to tell my charges that there’s no tp for them. One of them observes that someone will find it by the side of the road, and that’ll be a good day for them. I don’t have the heart to tell her that the locals don’t use tp—and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

We’ll figure something out.

After the 3pm session some of the kids hike the ridge again, and one of the little boys gets involved with a cactus—not the big spines, but those little tiny ones that you can barely see but that irritate like crazy. One of the older buys carries him down the ridge—the crew is touched by that—and Katie gets to work pulling the million little things out of both his palms. I’m happy to report that he’s fine.

Supper is fish. Some of us like it, but there are several team members that just can’t even, as they say these days. I figure eating is a choice—you can eat or not eat, but if you’re hungry enough, chances are you’ll eat. Kids these days bring so many snacks along from home, they have options earlier teams never would have.

House and team devos go well, as does more planning for the upcoming camp activities.

But the big event of the day is the last one. Today is Jana’s birthday! Paige has made and frosted a cake, and we all have some with ice cream. It’s delightful, and Jana is thankful that we’ve all come so far just to attend her birthday party.

We’re praying for energy for the closing sprint, and one way I put feet to those prayers is by getting to bed. Good night, my friends.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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