Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father’s Day. To all you fathers of team members, I’m doing the best I can. But with 9 of them at once, that’s a lot of work. J

This is a relatively slow day—church in the morning, house visits in the afternoon, and down time in the evening. A good start to our final week.

The singing at church seems to get better every week. I particularly like it when they sing a cappella; their voices and harmonies are truly beautiful. The choir does well too. This was our last chance to participate in the choir, but we didn’t; just didn’t get the time to rehearse with them. But that’s OK.

Pastor Samson starts this week’s sermon with an impromptu role-play. He picks 4 congregants, assigns them roles, and turns them loose. Leonard, the music director, is the witch doctor; 2 ladies are unbelievers who frequent the witch doctor, and another man is a professing believer. The women try to convince him that the witch doctor is effective and God isn’t; and they eventually convince him to go to the witch doctor with them. They take quite a while to play out the scene, and all unrehearsed and impromptu. When they’re done, Pastor Samson asks the congregation to analyze the professing believer’s spiritual condition. He then preaches from Isaiah 59, having Maiwe read a verse and then commenting on it.

The whole thing works very well with this group. I’m trying remember if I’ve ever seen impromptu role-playing as part of a sermon before, and I don’t think I have. It’s a spectacular piece of work.

After chai and lunch Maiwe has arranged for the crew to be divided into several groups and visit homes in the village and nearby. Most, but not all, are church members. This is the best chance the team will have to see indigenous culture directly. The visits are noteworthy for their diversity—one disabled and thus homebound man is thrilled to have visitors from church, while others treat the guests fairly matter-of-factly, which is not unusual here. Everyone thinks it’s a profitable exercise.

Supper is Rachelle’s drip beef on Katie’s homemade buns, with slaw and pasta salad. Since we don’t have house devotions with the children tonight, we sit and talk on Dan & Jana’s porch until dark, then hit the wifi while 3 of the crew are doing the dishes. Father’s Day; better saying something nice to Dad.

Around 8.30 we gather at HQ for team devotions and discussion of the week to come, most especially the need to plan the 2 days of camp we’re having instead of tutoring sessions on Thursday and Friday. They need to come up with team names and mascots, team leaders, game leaders, cheers, activities, and some kind of scoring system. While they’re tutoring. I lay out the task and then leave it to them to implement. We’ll see how they do.

About 9 I head out so they can have the house to themselves. A good day starts what promises to be a good week. We pray for energy and focus to finish well, and we ask that you do too.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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