Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tap water!

Oh, this is great.

Wash hands and face in the sink, without using a bucket.

And best of all, a shower. Cool water flowing from heaven, smoothly and consistently, enough to wash the soap off and leave you feeling, well, washed.


Simple gifts.

Everybody’s feeling a little better about life today. Creature comforts will do that.

Cam heads out early; he wants to talk to Lamin about the gospel. He hikes down to her shop, and they sit and converse for about 45 minutes. It’s a pleasant conversation, but in the end, Lamin doesn’t agree that she’s a sinner—surprising, for a Muslim—or that Jesus is God. Cam’s frustrated; what can he say to change her mind? This is where we all come face to face with the truth that it is God who saves. We will pray for him to soften her heart, to open her spiritual eyes, to convict of sin.

Will you pray with us?

We sit around the kitchen table, talking, sometimes seriously, sometimes light-heartedly. We get into a discussion about Special Ed—we have 2 SpEd majors in the group—and at one point the rest of us have to ask for a translation of the terms “IEP” and “504.” Things can get pretty technical at times.

About 11.30 the crew heads out to the school to attend the high school chapel. That means we’ll have lunch later than usual, but Mary can adjust, and we all agree that the delay is well worth it.

They return at 1.30 with news that they missed much of both the elementary and the high school chapels—inaccurate scheduling information, apparently. But they heard some musical groups sing, and they dropped in on some classes, so the visit was worthwhile.

Stopped in town on the way back to pick up some laundry detergent and bread, and got taxis back to the house. These kids are pretty much functioning on their own as far as basic living skills. They’ve picked things up very well.

Mary has made a shepherd’s pie for lunch, and we eat all of it. No leftovers today. Almost every meal, somebody says that this one is her favorite. We’re really not suffering on the food front.

The crew heads out for VBS a little early, since it’s a ways away. Program and games go well, and the Faith youth are able to lead one little girl to Christ. (Since English is less frequently spoken out in the villages, our kids can’t communicate very well beyond sign language.)

Last full night of class; tomorrow night will be just two hours and then a party. We hit the basics of Enlightenment philosophy—I’m focusing on just the sources of authority for these guys—and then some Baptist history. We’re all tired, but we’re sticking it out. Three hours a night is a tough haul.

Prince joins us for team devos, and Kait makes more popcorn afterwards. Good finish to a good day.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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