Wednesday, May 23, 2018

We had a massive storm last night. A thunderclap that was apparently right at the foot of my bed brought both Cam and me to full alert sometime in the middle of the night, and I assume it rousted the girls too. Felt like it rained all night long.

But this morning is sunny as always, and perhaps a little cooler for the precip. Cam and I sleep ridiculously late—9 am. I hesitate to tell this, for the sake of my future class discipline, but in general when I see a student sleeping, I assume he must need the sleep. That’s how I’m thinking this morning—if you can sleep that long, you must need it. I normally wake up at 6 without an alarm clock, so we must have been more tired last night than we thought.

No tap water in the guys’ house this morning. We’re pretty used to that; I think we’re downstream from the other houses on the feed from the well, and we get our tank filled last. So tap water is a rare treat for us. That’s fine; a bucket bath is sufficient. The girls haven’t said anything, um, corrective, and they know us well enough that they would if they needed to.

Cam heads out pretty quickly. I do some personal reading and then drop by the chapel, as usual, for wifi access and the daily ritual uploading of the blog post and downloading of the email. A little problem with the blog site means I don’t get yesterday’s post up until almost noon (8 am EDT). I hope that doesn’t cause any blog withdrawal symptoms back home.

Off to the house, which is empty of team members. Mary tells me they have gone into town. I use the peace and quiet to grade some quizzes—my students are doing quite well as a whole—and catch up on the financials. Looking pretty good. Expenses are up a little this year, as is usually the case, but the budget allows plenty of room for that. And usually the rise in costs is mostly a result of the cedi’s dropping value against the dollar, something that pretty much balances out in the end.

It can be tricky running Excel in 3 or 4 different currencies, but I enjoy the challenge.

Lunch is—you guessed it—fried chicken, with rice and a tomato sauce with veggies. Conversation around the table is lively, with stories of the morning’s adventures at the market. Cam bought a football (soccer ball) this morning, and others made purchases as well. This team makes more market trips than any other I’ve brought. But I get it; the market is noisy and colorful and active and chaotic and exciting. Makes me tired just thinking about it. …

After lunch Pastor Simon comes by – to take the kids to the market.

I know. I don’t get it either.

Nice to have some quiet time this afternoon to work on class prep. When the kids get back mid-afternoon, they show me their treasures—mostly keepsakes, gifts for friends and supporters, that sort of thing. They have a volleyball game at 4, and I head off to class shortly after that.

When I get back, they’re still at prayer meeting at Faith; they report on their return that they split up into groups to prayer, and they spread around so that they’re not all praying together. That’s the way it ought to be. Good for them.

After team devos, Kait makes popcorn and we pass the bowls around as we fellowship. Two of the group are quite tired—one keeps dozing on us—and they both finally turn in. I head home slightly later.

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Dan Olinger

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