Thursday, July 07, 2016

Last night I said I’d drop by the house at 9 am to pick up anyone who wanted to go to Limnos Bakery. It’s a local chain that has outstanding pastries, magnificent scones, and good coffee. I also told them I’d bring something back for any who didn’t want to go, so there’s no penalty for sleeping in.

All the girls are ready to go. The guys choose to sleep in. Draw your own conclusions, but beware the inductive fallacy.

They give us a booth in the back, and we all order something to drink and something to eat. Two of the girls get scones, which are roughly the size of Azerbaijan. They think they might be better than the ones from Hillcrest. I find that hard to believe. Linda Otto, our host, has told me that their Black Forest cake may be better than the one she ate in the Black Forest; despite the fact that it’s breakfast time, I order a slice. They’re out of it. Drat. OK, poached eggs on toast. We pick up something for the guys and head home. I feel suddenly sleepy and curl up under the blanket on the couch. When I wake up, lunch is over, and the guys are in the house. So the team functions perfectly well without me.

There are fewer children at VBS today—about 60—but they cooperate well, and everything runs smoothly. The Bronchitis Patient is back with us today, so we have a full contingent. That helps. And afterwards Willa feeds us again.

We drop Jojo off at the house—he wants to watch the France / Germany soccer match—while we drive downtown to Signal Hill to watch the sunset. The hill gives a nice view of the harbor and the northwestern Cape, better than 180 degrees of panorama. Again there are no clouds, so the coloration of the sunset isn’t as spectacular as it could be, but it’s still beautiful. There’s a stiff wind there that makes us all feel the chill.

With night falling we drive out the N-1 to Century City, the newest and largest mall in Cape Town. It’s the Las Vegas of malls, with lots of flashing lights and activity. There are 3 floors—actually 2.5 I suppose—with 2 hallways each, and a 3-story food court in the middle with everything you could imagine. And a Canal Walk outside, with a tip o’ the hat to Venice. (Italy, not California.)

I turn the Crew loose for an hour just to explore. Half of them go outside to the go-kart track and ride.

As we sit in the food court eating our supper, I say something I’ve said repeatedly here in Cape Town: “This is Africa too.” It’s a diverse place, and stereotypes can’t possibly do it justice.

We stay until everything starts shutting down at 10 and then drive home. Everybody opts for bed.

Almost out of juice, but almost done. Maybe we’ll just make it.

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Dan Olinger

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