Summer 2016

The long-anticipated day has arrived! The 7 of us will gather on campus at 4 pm, climb in a van, and head for the Atlanta airport. We fly at 10:30 pm tonight (Wed).

I plan to post daily reports, but readers should not expect a rigid schedule; it’s common for unexpected things to crop up in Africa (makes you wonder why they’re unexpected, then, doesn’t it?), and I’ll probably have to delay a posting every so often because the power is out or the internet access is down. Don’t think that a delay means that something terrible has happened. (You know who you are.)

Particularly in the next couple of days, don’t count on updates. We’re flying to Amsterdam, then Accra, then taking the bus north to Wa, where we’ll spend the first 3 weeks. Connectivity in airports is always sketchy–particularly since I rarely feel like paying for it–and last year the guest house in Accra didn’t have a connection. There may be problems with the service in Wa when we arrive, as well. So I’ll post when I can, but that may well not be until Saturday or even later.

I do plan to text the parents each time a flight lands and when the bus arrives in Wa. But phone service may be shaky too. So Freak Out Thou Not. In this case, no news really is good news.

Prayers appreciated. I’ll post eventually, d.v.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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