Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sleepin’ in. First time for me, second for the crew. Feels good. Get up at leisure, catch up on various stuff.

We’ve planned to go over to Limnos Bakery, which is worth the entire trip to Cape Town, to get coffee and pastries at 10 am. Gershon and Sarah go running early enough to arrive at Limnos about the same time we do. Cappucinos and lattes all around, and some scones, croissants, muffins, and so on. This is a great place.

Let me tell you a story. Back in the 90s, Carl and Linda Abrams led the Africa team and spent their time in Kenya and Joburg. One summer Carl was asked to come to Cape Town and teach for a week—his first time here. He was staying with the Paynes, and Tony noticed that every morning he would go for a walk and be gone for a couple hours. He thought it was really exemplary that this mild-mannered history teacher was going for long, refreshing walks every morning. Turns out he was going to Limnos, drinking coffee, eating pastries, and reading the paper.

Man after my own heart.

I drop the team off back at the house and take Gershon and the Three Musketeers (that’s my name for Charity, Michaela, and Emily) to the grocery store for what may be our final grocery shopping trip.

Some of these kids really like their coffee, and we’ve been drinking instant while we’re here, so we decide to pick up a French press and donate it to the house. Since we’ve broken a glass, I figure it can’t hurt. 🙂

Lunch is spaghetti—we can get GF pasta here for the GF team member. We head out for VBS immediately afterwards. It’s a good crowd, about 100; word has spread among the children in the neighborhood. We do the serious part first, the singing and the story (Jess, with the 3 Hebrew boys) and the memory verse. Then we turn it over to Gershon, Michaela, Jessica, and Lydia, Kevin’s wife, for games, and the rest of us jump into the van with Kevin and head for Macassar, about 15 minutes away. Cyril Adams, who went to Genadendal with us, pastors the Baptiste Bybel Kerk there and holds a children’s club every Tuesday afternoon. He asked if we’d come take care of it this time. So we repeat the songs, and the story, and the memory verse. Shortly after 4 we break and they feed the children a bowl of soup and a hefty chunk of bread, while we jump back into the van and return to Eersterivier to pick up the rest of our crew.

That’s a good afternoon.

Salvin is at Eersterivier to help this afternoon, and we set up another night‘s activity—we’ll go out to the Strand. The crew had asked about going there, but  I wasn’t sure of the safety factor after dark. Salvin says it’s OK. So back to the house for a quick supper, then pick up Salvin, Jason, and Luke and head for the beach.

I swear, this group should get college credit for some sort of social awareness course.

We get there after dark and walk the beach for a bit. To my surprise, the town is pretty much closed down by 8 pm. But then, it’s winter, and it’s a Tuesday night. So with some salt water between our toes, we stop by Somerset Mall for some coffee—no surprise there—and drop the guys off before 10 pm. How very responsible of us.

Back at the house, we start a brief series on repatriation—finishing up and getting back—and spend some time planning and praying for our last 3 assignments, 2 VBSes and tomorrow’s Wednesday night prayer meeting.

Time is getting short.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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