Monday, July 6, 2015

Nothing scheduled in the morning. The crew takes advantage of that to catch up on sleep, some for just an hour or so, others for several.

I learned a long time ago that getting enough sleep will change your life. Sure, there are sluggards, and they should wake up and read Proverbs, but depriving yourself of needed sleep is not only not spiritual, but it’s lousy stewardship.

I finally get the blog caught up and the finances as well, with all the spending accounted for and the budget showing black. I love when that happens. And it’s nice to get all those receipts out of my wallet, so I can sit down again.

Charity fixes lemon chicken and rice for lunch. We discover a lemon tree in our back yard, with several actual lemons on it. But we use ones we bought at the store.

First day of Bible club at Eersterivier, Kevin’s church. There are about 50 kids or so this first day. At Lydia’s suggestion, we have the games first; that way kids who show up late don’t miss the Bible story. Makes a lot of sense.

We have the games outside. The weather is startling; it’s bright, sunny, and—wait for this—70 degrees. It’s bloomin’ room temperature out there. Summer! for the afternoon at least.

Sarah tells the Bible story, and at the end she calls on me to ask the children some review questions. Just one problem. I’m asleep. Sound, sound asleep, against the back wall. I hear my name being repeated, and ever so slowly, I rise to consciousness to see the other team members looking at me with amusement and the children laughing heartily.

Drat. The teacher, sleeping in class. How mortifying.

Maybe I’m too old for this.

After supper—frozen pizza in 4 varieties (if you’re reading this, Beth and Rachelle, we really miss your pizza buffets), the kids want to do something, what with all that rest they got this morning.

Time for Century City.

CC is a mall between here and Cape Town. It’s big, and modern, and opulent, and snottily acquisitionistic, just like home. There’s an amusement park right next door, which is closed because it’s winter. The mall is loosely based on Venice, with architectural features reminiscent of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and giant artwork painted on the walls and high ceilings. Like the Sistine Chapel, except they’re worshiping stuff instead of God.

I turn the crew loose for the evening, with an agreement to be at the van at 10 pm. I wander the place, musing about how I really don’t need or even want anything I’m seeing in the store windows. It’s OK to receive God’s gifts with gratitude, of course, so long as you worship the Giver and not the gift. But as James Dobson has noted, stuff often just ties you down and distracts you. It certainly won’t fill the God-shaped void in your heart. I’d like the crew to pick up on that tonight.

I run into several of them along the way, and they tell me that they’re riding go-karts at 9, so I wander over there and watch them race. Emily, Michaela, Charity, Gershon, Jason, Luke. The leaderboard shows that the guys are all more aggressive than the girls. Surprise, surprise.


Pick up some coffee and return to the van, where the others are waiting. Turns out I left it unlocked. Yikes. That’s just not done here, but apparently no harm done. Kind providence.

Planning for tomorrow, team devos, and bed. And I take a hot bath. Can’t get enough of those now that we have hot water.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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