Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brief entry today. Second day of camp, which goes well. God and I Time is quiet and cooperative, and the kids are memorizing their verses. A few are memorizing so aggressively that we say they can work on Psalms 46 and 47 as well, and they can memorize them in Swahili if they wish.

This morning’s hike is to the other prominent hill near the compound. It’s quite a bit longer, but not as steep. It’s pretty much impossible to manage a hike with these kids; they take off running, and you can’t keep up with them, and they scatter to the winds. You just hope they all come back. And they do.

Lunch is chili and cole slaw, and both are unusually good. And I realize that it takes something to make cole slaw special.

Since Dan & Jana are arriving home from vacation late this afternoon, and they’ve been the source of our wi-fi, we grab some online time in the afternoon before they get home. We figure they won’t want us crawling all over their house just to use the wi-fi. I manage to get a few pictures posted from the last few days, particularly Serengeti, so you might want to check back some.

We finish up the day’s camp activities with game time, which includes a large-scale 3-legged race (5 or 6 people to a unit), and which everybody enjoys. Following that comes Tube Tug, but since we don’t have any inner tubes, we use various objects at hand, with varying point values. An empty 5-gallon water bottle, a soccer ball, a length of rope, a sneaker—you get the idea. Competition is heated, and Ferdinand has to remind the opponents that they’re not enemies.

As we’re announcing the point totals at the end of day 2, Rob Howell’s family shows up. Perfect timing. When the kids see his car, they take off running, as we knew they would, and whatever we were doing is over.

Rob founded Tumaini about 10 years ago. He’s been gone for 4 years, but he visits occasionally, and the kids still remember and revere him; they call him “Baba” (father) and mention him every night.

After a round of introductions and greetings and stories, the Howells head to their house for the night, and we head to dinner with the children—rice pilau, which is a real treat. The house devos, team devos, and some more planning for tomorrow’s Fun Time. We feel like our skits are a little on the light side; we’ll have to see how it goes.

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Dan Olinger

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