Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our second Sunday. The earth is cool a refreshed; the songbirds are celebrating the rain; the sun is shining. We’ve made the practice of being at the bus 20 minutes before the service or activity is scheduled to start. We’re there this morning, and as usual we wait about 10 minutes for everybody else to show. Which means we’re 10 to 15 minutes late arriving for Sunday school. And we’re the first ones in the room. 🙂 So in effect, everything starts about half an hour after the announced time.

Timothy is preaching for the Regular Baptist Church in the middle of town, which is raising funds to put a roof on a new building. But the service here runs as usual without him, not missing a beat. That’s a sign of good leadership. I preach on what the church’s obligations are to its pastor, a sermon I like to preach when the pastor is away. The group seems a little quieter this morning, but attentive, and with evident response. We close the service as usual with a greeting line that everyone goes through.

Lunch is delayed today, so Timothy (who drives us home after he arrives from preaching at the other church) picks up some crackers and soda to tie us over for an extra hour. When it arrives, lunch is a spicy fish stew with hard-boiled eggs and rice. I like it, some don’t. But everybody eats some; it’s part of the educational experience.

Several of us take naps in the afternoon; we’re really tired. And the wi-fi is down for some reason.

I preach a metanarrative sermon Sunday night, on God’s control of good and evil to accomplish his purposes. The people respond well. Several on the team note that, as in the States, attendance drops significantly from Sunday morning to Sunday night.

Timothy has decided that tomorrow, a public holiday, will be the best day to go to Mole National Park and see the elephants. So he announces that in church tonight, and several of the church folks will be going along. We’ll need to leave very early—we’re meeting at 4:45 am—to drive a couple hours up, hike around, and get back in time for my 5 pm class to start. Yikes. Prayers for strength would be appreciated. We’re all going to bed early.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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