Tuesday, 6/24/14

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s the day to go into town with Matt Gass—the last one of this trip, in fact. I’ve naturally been concerned that my riding along not be a problem to his productivity, and when I raise the subject, he says it actually helps; if we have a booth at the coffee shop—that’s the only way to get AC power there—then he can run out and do things without giving the place up; he can leave his stuff there, and I’ll be there to watch it for him, and vice versa. So it’s a good deal for everybody. It also makes going to the men’s room less complicated. 🙂

So I check with the team to make sure they’re set for their last full day of tutoring, and about 9:30 or 10 we head into town. The fuel injection is still testy, but he gets it started, and Shilu will work on it some more today.

We set up at Gold Crest, where during the course of the day I manage to get caught up on the blog postings, upload all the photos I have, get caught up on correspondence, and even get some studying and other reading done. And of course I have to order a mocha milkshake so I can put a photo of it in the blog post where it’s mentioned. Anything for the furtherance of the effectiveness of the ministry.

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It’s been a full week since I posted anything to the blog. Since I wasn’t in town all week, and since the bandwidth at the mobile hot spot wasn’t really enough to get even text blog entries uploaded, I had to hold off. So that means I have to send an email apologizing and assuring the parents that their progeny are, in fact, among the living. But I guess that means they get to spend some time catching up. With one week left, I’ll try to get text blog entries uploaded every day or two, if the bandwidth will allow that in a reasonable period of time.

So it’s a productive day in town. After his online class, Matt goes to get the vehicle. I’m watching for him from inside the lobby, and when the tan Land Cruiser pulls up, I run out and start to get in. There are 3 African men, and no Matt. Hmmm. Apparently there are 2 of these vehicles in this town. A few minutes later Matt shows up, and I decide to ride along this time. We’re back at Tumaini just as the sun is going down, and just as house devotions is starting, which is good, since I’m the one giving the devotional in my group tonight. The girls sing especially well, and the preacher goes a little long, but no one appears to be injured, so no harm done. Then I drop by the Gasses’ house, where Laura has once again fixed me some supper since we got back after supper at Tumaini was over. We have a good conversation after they put Ian to bed. He actually goes to bed without protesting. I wonder how they do that.

Back at the guest house, the team says it was a good day, but I can see the weariness and the relief that the 3-a-days are over. We’ll have 1 tutoring session after chai for the next 3 days, and camp activities mostly from 3 to 5. That should be a reasonable schedule, though not an easy one.

Horrible news. We’re out of popcorn. I had brought a 5-lb. bag from home this time, knowing that the local popcorn, well, doesn’t pop. We churned through that at an impressive pace. It was good while it lasted. And now I know that 2 5-lb. bags would be better next time. (Did you know that the abbreviation ”lb.” is for “Libra,” the Zodiac constellation of the scales? Neither did I, until today.)

More planning for tomorrow’s start of camp, and as usual the boys head back to the dorm at 10. Tomorrow, I suppose, is the beginning of the final phase of this year’s ministry. Time for the closing sprint.

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