Wednesday, 6/18/14

I sleep until 8:30. That should tell you something. When I go out to the concrete sink to brush my teeth, there’s virtually no activity on the compound. Sounds like even the children are getting some extra rest. I walk up to the house at chai time, and everybody’s up, and most of the team are in high spirits. Several of them are planning to go into town after lunch.

I learn that late last night, when 5 of the girls were still up, they decided to finish off the ice cream, and they’re feeling hysterical with the guilty pleasure. When I tell them I don’t see anything wrong with that, I think it spoils the fun for them. Ah, a day of rest.

After lunch of enchiladas, Beth, Karen, and Rachelle head off for some appointments in town, and several of the team rides along. She’ll drop them off at the Gold Crest, they’ll get some web access, and when they’re done they’ll hire a taxi to get to U-Turn and then home. There’s an extra seat available, and I tell them I’ll ride along if they feel like they need me, but they don’t. So we’ll see how they do. I think I’ll take a nap.

Around 5 I head up to the house, where a few minutes later some of the group returns from town. Sarah B, Kaleigh, and Nathanael tell their story: after being dropped off, they go to the ATM, then the hotel coffee shop, where Kaleigh gets the mocha milkshake on my recommendation and heartily approves. From there they hire a taxi to U-Turn, where one of them, specifically commissioned by Caitlin to get her a Diet Pepsi, completely forgets, and then they take the taxi home. Asher and Matt, however, have other plans. Asher has done his research with Maiwe, and he’s decided to take a dala-dala as far as Sweya, where the pavement (and the dala-dala route) ends, and then hire a piki-piki (motorbike) the rest of the way back to Shadi. Matt is taken with the whole idea, in a completely-freaking-out sort of way, and decides to join him. So we’ll see when they show up.

And they show up about an hour and a half after the others, and about a half hour after supper. Turns out they walked around town for a while and then caught a dala-dala to Sweya, as they’d planned. But then rather than getting piki-pikis they decided to walk from the end of the pavement to Tumaini, which took, by Asher’s count, and hour and 13 minutes. That got several of the girls to thinking that a piki-piki ride might be kind of fun—you know, hanging on to the driver and all that—so they’re thinking about catching one back from town before we leave. We’ll see how that goes.

Nathanael does house devotions for my group, on redemption; I’ll do the fourth night, on restoration, tomorrow. Then we’ll move to the girls’ house and start over.

We have a good time of team devotions, though it’s interrupted by the arrival of the drinking water from town in Shangazi’s vehicle. Afterwards we play Signs while Josalyn and Lois make potato chips, which are quite good. Team spirits are higher again, thanks to the day of rest, and we realize that we’re closing in on the end: 2 days of teaching, 2 days of weekend with nothing much scheduled, 2 more days of teaching, 3 days of camp, the closing weekend, and then the big silver bird. By God’s grace, looks like we’ll make it.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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