Monday, 6/16/14

We’re due for an ordinary day.

While I’m spending the morning processing an inordinate number of Serengeti photos for the blog, the team does its job well, covering the 3 tutoring sessions with little fanfare and the calmness that comes from experience. It’s not that nothing happens, mind you; it’s just that by now we’re used to it. 🙂 After the 10:30 session pretty much everybody on the team falls asleep.

At 1 we work our way groggily down to lunch with the wazungu on the porch—spaghetti, eaten to the background of stories. One nice thing about working at the orphanage is that the children keep providing you with story material. And knowing the children in question typically makes the stories even funnier.

After the 3 pm session we have our (now) semiweekly game time. There seems to be more intensity to it now that it doesn’t happen every day. Football is the game of choice, and even Abeli is in the middle of it.

Supper is fish and ugali, and I think that fish tastes better every time they serve it. Just be careful with the bones.

We have 12 days of house devotions left, so we decide to keep the 3 teams we already have and go to each group for 4 nights. So my group—Nathanael, Sarah B, and Caitlin—is back with the boys, where we started. We’ll do 4 days on creation, fall, redemption, and restoration; Nathanael takes creation tonight and does a good job.

One of the older boys steps on a nail just as house devotions is letting out, so I take him back to the big house to clean him up and bandage him. Should be fine.

I can tell everybody’s tired, and a few are feeling a little under the weather—minor colds and such—so we do a shortened team devotions and get the boys out of the house easily before 9. I think some extra sleep would be very good right now.

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Dan Olinger

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