Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Since this is our second day of VBS at these locations, we’re feeling more as though our feet are under us. We set off at 8:30, Joy following the Grahams, and me driving to meet Sizwe at the entrance to Guguletu. He’s standing in the petrol station parking lot, waving his arms. Hard to miss. And I appreciate that. We drive to the Scout Hall, and 20 kids are already waiting outside the gate. Eventually about 120 kids show up, 50% more than we had yesterday, but the schedule proceeds smoothly with minimal difficulties. The older kids play tube tug and catch on to it quickly, with high spirits. They listen well to the Bible stories that John tells—water to wine, and feeding of the 5,000—and Sizwe retells it in Xhosa to make sure they get it. By the time we send them home at 11:20, we’re feeling pretty good about it. We later learn that the Kraaifontein group had fewer kids show up, which was actually good, since they had better control this time. Eric went to that one today to provide a little more muscle, and that helped as well.

One of Eric’s key men at Northpine, Cedric, has invited the team over for lunch today. They live just a couple of blocks from the church, and we gather at their house for a braai (rhymes with cry), or cookout. They’ve covered and floored a section of their back yard so the kids will be able to play outside when it rains. We have plenty of room under the roof. We have grilled sausage—one of the woerses, but I don’t recall which one—and chips and juice, and we enjoy interacting with their children as we eat.

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After lunch we do a blitz of the church neighborhood, distributing a church brochure to several hundred homes in just over an hour. That should be a great help to them in getting the word out to their neighborhood. You may recall that we did the same thing in Delft a few days ago; we just send out teams of 1 male and 2 females, and they can work both sides of a street pretty effectively.

When we gather back at Cedric’s house a little after 3, we’re done for the day. We stop to get Joy some petrol as we leave the neighborhood, and pretty much her entire van develops a sudden critical need for ice cream bars. Kids these days.

Back at the house we just enjoy some down time—some reading, some napping, some just sitting and talking. Supper is spaghetti with 4 different kinds of sauce, a veritable sauce bar. I don’t know why restaurants don’t do that.

The evening is more free time, mostly spent talking and rehearsing skits for Thursday’s 4th of July picnic. Team devotions at 9; afterwards I offer to make popcorn and get no takers, so I know the crew is tired. I’m not surprised that we all wander off to bed over the next few minutes.

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Dan Olinger

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