Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel day. The Loeschers wanted to take us up to Mbingo, where the main Baptist medical facility is, as well as Camp Joy. So we headed out with their entire family, Ellen, Anna-Leisa, and Mrs. Barilla. It is only a two or three hour drive, but we stretched it way out with many stops for souvenirs, groceries, and various other things. The longest and most exciting stop was for lunch. We went to a Presbysterian restaurant and gift shop. While we waited for our food (same long wait principle as before), we went over to their gift shop. It was quite large for Africa, and had lots of great souvenir things for decent prices. I think everyone bought a few things, and we still made it back in plenty of time for lunch.

We arrived in Mbingo late afternoon. Since the day we left Doula, we have been in beautiful mountains, but this was a new level of beauty.  Mbingo is tucked away in lush green mountains full of cliffs and waterfalls. At one point along the road, you could see four waterfalls at one time. We were staying in the hospital’s guesthouse halfway up one of the mountains. Upon arriving, I think we all skipped the house and went straight out into the yard. You could look out and see the valley, look down and see the hospital buildings, and look side to side to see more mountains. We played a little Frisbee, but had to be careful not to throw it too hard or it was going over the mountain. It was decided to take a small hike before dinner to loosen us up from the car ride. Plus, the scenery just pleads with you to go see more of it. We went down a trail some, and then decided to skip the trail and climb straight up the mountain. It wasn’t a huge mountain, and we were already starting out high, so it really wasn’t as bad as it sounds. These mountains are covered in knee-high grass or dirt instead of trees like the Appalachians, so going off the trail is much safer and much more rewarding. It is not hard to get to the top, and then you can look for miles and miles. You can walk along the ridge of the mountain and always be able to see everywhere around you. It is an incredible experience, but more on that tomorrow. That night, there was a storm rolling in, so we watched the fog roll in on the valley on the opposite side of the mountain from the hospital. We stayed until it got too dark and the fog was creeping too close for comfort.

After a lovely dinner, the team got to have team devos for the first time in a while. Since the guys had been at the Loeschers’ and the girls at Ellen’s, we had suspended our study of Colossians for the time being. But we got to start it back up again, and we had an excellent time in chapter two discussing our freedom from the law. After that, it was time to teach Signs to those who were we with. They picked it up very quickly, and great fun was had by all.

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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