Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last full day of class. Many of the teachers have their students write thank-you notes (not to their own teachers, of course)nd we get some keepers. Chai time is uji (gruel) and mandazi (donut dough in a rectangular prism), for the last time; we’re a little sentimental about that. One of the things about regional foods is that you associate them with the place and your memories of the place. I first noticed that with rooibos tea, when my family went to Cape Town. Somehow your taste buds and your memory cells are closely connected. Speaking of which, it’s our last lunch of rice and beans, with just the right amount of gravel thrown in. For some reason, Will thinks it’s really funny when he hears me hit a “crackly,” as we call the little pieces of dirt and who knows what.

Sort of a lazy afternoon—hang with the kids, take a nap, start the Great Cleanup. Beth wants to get a photos of the team and the Tumaini kids and staff, so she gets the kids lined up on the steps of the kitchen and then calls for us. We climb into the formation, add the staff, and take several shots. They turn out great, even though a couple of the kids don’t cooperate: one covers her face for most of the shots, and one turns his back toward the camera.

We have games at 4, as usual; we’re planning to do spoke tag, but Jon doesn’t want to teach a new game, so we replace it with Tagalot and Steal the bacon, which the kids already know. The games have been really lopsided; Blue has one literally every game and every scavenger hunt. This last day of competition, Red finally wins a game when the younger group wins Steal the Bacon. The odd thing is, both team captains (Jon and Will) agree that the teams are evenly matched. The only hope for Red is that they memorize a lot more verses. Winner will be announced tomorrow.

I’m trying to doublecheck our itineraries to CPT through the only mechanism available, a link to a web page. I hit the link; 3 hours and 25 MB later, the page is still loading, with nothing yet visible, when the computer accidentally shuts itself off. Barring a trip to town tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to trust the itinerary I have. Note to web page developers: if you’re designing a travel-related site, maybe some of the people who use it will be, uh, traveling, and they might not have 20MB of bandwidth. Just a thought.

Supper by Beth; haystacks, one of our favorites. The conversation is lively.

I ask Beth to drop by the house for team devos, and at the end we do a little appreciation ceremony, and I thank her for all she’s done to make this visit successful. What constitutes success? Well, she says she’d do it again, and I guess that means that she views the visit as a net benefit to the ministry here. That’s my criterion for success. I’d hate to bring kids all this way and have the missionaries be glad to see us go. We give her a CD, and it turns out she already has it—the artist is an old friend of hers. Can I pick ‘em, or what? Fortunately, we have a selection, and she can pick one she doesn’t have.

Munchies. Popcorn and leftover butterscotch pudding from yesterday’s Fun Time skit. I hate to see perfectly good pudding smeared all over somebody’s face.

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