Sunday, June 16, 2013

Church is fairly early in the morning, plus its in Fomban and Fombot, both of which are around an hour’s drive from Bandjoun. So we got up, ate breakfast, and soon were on our way. Joy and I did Sunday School in Fombot. I taught a lesson on the Good Shepherd, and Joy taught them songs and asked review questions. For church, Jordan preached and then they had communion. Joy and I also did children’s church/VBS. Joy continued our Genesis series by doing the Tower of Babel. She got some good questions about why our skin color and languages are different. In Fomban, Robert preached, Heather played a flute special and taught children’s church while Elly did the songs.

The Fombot group got back way before those in Fomban, so we went ahead and had lunch with the Bachmans. The other group still wasn’t back, so we took advantage of the kids’ Sunday afternoon naps to take our own. Sleep of any kind is rather precious at this point, so those naps felt amazing.

In the evening, all of the missionaries came over and we had a mini-service. Actually, it wasn’t that mini, because with all of the families, we probably had over 30 people. Of course, the majority of them were kids, but that’s ok. We sang some hymns and then listened to a recorded message from Dr. Minnick. It was a little strange to hear his voice here, but it also was nice to sit down and listen to a good, theological sermon. Because we are so involved in ministry, we don’t normally get the chance to hear the sermon. At the very least, we have to be very mentally involved to listen with a translator. So, it was refreshing to hear an American English, solid Bible message. After church, we had another team meeting to decide what the plan for the week was. We decided to extend the VBS since we were all here, and also to stay in the houses we were in for the time being. We have been having fun with the multitude of people everywhere, even if it is a little exhausting at times. Ellen’s household soon left, and our household sat down to dinner, followed by a mango-pineapple cobbler. Fruit will never be the same again. I mean, when your fruit is so fresh you buy it on the side of the road without getting out of your car, American pre-picked fruit just doesn’t hold the same appeal.


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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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