Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guest Journalist Heather


A day in Accra with nothing on the schedule…


Bread and jelly for breakfast, then a trip to LaraMart for groceries which included but was not limited to mango juice and mango yogurt J. By the time we checked out, it was almost noon, so Joy designated Robert, Elly, and Auria to find Papeye’s to pick up chicken and rice for lunch. It was the same restaurant Pastor Timothy had taken us to the last time we were in Accra. Joy, Heather, and Jordan headed back to the guesthouse with our groceries.

The rest of the day was pretty low key. After our delicious lunch and an hour or so of down time, Joy led an expedition to find the ocean. We headed in the general direction, and that worked well until we hit the busy street. No nasala crossing signs in sight, so we allied ourselves with a band of goats who had a little more street sense than we did. That was easy! Though the beach in Accra was much dirtier than the beaches we’re used to back in the States, the view we discovered of the crashing surf was nonetheless a beautiful one. We spent an hour enjoying the sea breezes, taking pictures, and silently appreciating God’s awesome creation.


With the rest of our afternoon free, Joy opted for getting some team journaling done while the rest of us counted up our Cedis and headed to market to see about buying souvenirs. In summary: we got a little better at crossing the crowded streets, Robert honed his bargaining skills, and Elly got proposed to by a hopeful street vendor. Can’t imagine why she turned that down. Several of the team did end up with jewelry or other African trinkets to take home. We stopped in Lara Mart again on the way back. This time our purchase included (and was limited to) candy bars, ice cream, cookies, and Pringles. We surprised Joy with the ice cream.


Heather and Elly whipped up some tuna sandwiches for dinner and some time after clean up, we gathered for team devos. We’ve been going through Colossians: reading through the entire book each night and then focusing in on one paragraph as we progress through the chapters. We also spent some time in in prayer for the missionaries we would be ministering with in Cameroon, for the much-missed group in Tanzania, and for personal prayer requests. James popped in afterwards to see how everything was going, and we were able to borrow some DVDs. We decided that Hugo was a safe movie option and broke out the ice cream. Parté! Jordan ate his Pringles.


And so ended our down day in Accra. We were thankful for the time to rest and relax. Off to Cameroon in the morning!

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Dan Olinger

Chair, Division of Bible in the BJU School of Religion.

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