Chapel attendance

We have come to recognize that we needed a better way to take chapel attendance. After exploring several different possibilities and seeking input from some of your fellow students, we are taking attendance by images of the seating areas in FMA. This system represents a significant increase in accuracy, yet it requires that you be in your assigned seat.

Students are expected to be on time, in their seat assigned chapel seats, and giving good attention to the speaker. If you are ever late to chapel, please speak with an usher who will direct you to sign a sheet. If we do not have record of your attendance one of these ways, we cannot count you present. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure you have signed a sheet if you are not in your seat. 

You can find more information regarding the chapel expectations and what to do if you need an exception to these expectations at or on the intranet, and you are welcome to stop by the Student Life & Discipleship office or the Registrar’s Office with any additional questions.

As Dr. Pettit often emphasizes, preaching is central to the BJU experience, and chapel is our primary on-campus opportunity to sit under the preaching of the Word. We are very excited about our themes this semester and know you will find them valuable. In order to benefit, you must be present. Therefore, maintaining faithful chapel attendance is a high priority.

May the Lord bless you as you listen attentively to His Word during chapel this semester!

Dr. Newton

Dean of Students

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