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Make plans to join us for the Eat ‘n’ Greet Monday!

Eat 'n' Greet Monday, August 28Monday, August 28
after the Opening Exercises

You’re invited to the 4th annual Eat ’n’ Greet for all day students. Right after the Opening Exercises (FMA, 7 p.m.), make your way to the Kalmbach Room in the dining common for a time of free food and fellowship. Dr. Pettit and the Student Life & Discipleship team want to meet you and welcome you to a new school year.

Everyone who attends will receive a ticket for a whole day of free meals in the dining common on Sept. 8. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for one of the 12 prizes!

  • 4 –  $50 Bruins Bucks
  • 1 – $100 Bruins Bucks
  • 2 –  free parking for the semester ($100 value)
  • 5 –  pick your own chapel seat for the second chapel rotation

The Eat ‘n’ Greet will last less than an hour.  Make your plans to join us!