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Some very important opening-week reminders

 Please keep the following things in mind as you begin the spring semester:

  • Check-in
  • Opening services
  • Exemptions

Students who are new to BJU need to check in at Rodeheaver Auditorium by 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 9. Returning students not here for the fall semester need to check in at Rodeheaver Auditorium by 11 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 10, and should plan to attend the Student Life Seminar in Levinson Hall at 11 a.m. Those enrolled first semester need to check in at the Welcome Center or at the Student Life & Discipleship office in the student center by 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

Please take note of the opening services on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 7 p.m. and the evangelistic meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at 7 p.m.  Attendance at both meetings is required of all students.  Dress is formal/Sunday attire.  For men this is a coat and tie.  For ladies it is a dressy skirt and blouse or a dress.

If you must miss a required event during the opening week or if you need to miss chapel on Tuesday, Jan. 17, you will need to apply for an exemption.  Go to to request permission to miss any of these activities.  Any recurring chapel/society exemptions for which you have applied will not excuse you from opening week events or from chapel on Jan. 17 because recurring exemptions cannot be approved until drop/add ends on Jan. 17.  Before applying for a recurring chapel or society exemption, please check whether you qualify for such an exemption.

Welcome to a new semester!

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You are an integral part of the student body, and we want you to be engaged and informed.  The Day Student Connection blog is your place for continuously updated information designed especially for you.

You can opt out of regular DSC notifications such as this one but remember to check the blog regularly for necessary information regarding attendance expectations.

Do not hesitate to contact a member of our Student Life & Discipleship staff to let us know how we can help.  We trust that the Lord will give you a wonderful year!

Eric Newton
Dean of Students