Chapel will be a little different on Tuesday

As Dr. Pettit announced yesterday, on Tuesday, January 31, we will devote chapel to addressing common counseling topics from Scripture. Women are welcome to attend any of the five concurrent sessions listed below; men may choose from three of the workshops. The purpose of this special day of chapel is not only to strengthen students facing challenges in these areas but also to equip you to minister to peers and others you know who are wrestling with these kinds of issues. Please pray with us that God will use His Word in these workshops to draw us to Christ, Who calls us to come to Him and find rest for our souls.

Workshop Sessions:

  • Young Adults with Parents: How to Navigate Changing Parental Relationships
    Mr. Jon Daulton (Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium)
  • Discouragement, Depression and Despair: Hope When Life is Dark (for women only)
    Miss Kristen Barnes (Stratton Hall) 
  • Helping Hurting Homes: How to Function When Your Family Is Falling Apart (for women only)
    Mrs. Amy Johnson (War Memorial Chapel)
  • Addictions: Enslaving Desires
    Dr. Jim Berg (Alumni Lecture B)
  • Mortifying Sin: What To Do About Nagging Habits
    Dr. Eric Newton (Rodeheaver Auditorium)


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