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DSC Blog Subscription!

Congratulations! You have been subscribed to the Day Student Connection blog! The DSC blog will ensure that you are in the know about events both required and extracurricular. Wondering what fun events are happening on campus? Check out the posts to learn of the latest happenings. Have a question about what you see on the blog? Post your question using the comments option in the blog. Wondering what you are required to attend over the next 10 days? Check out the DSC calendar for a list of only those events that are required.

You are an integral part of the student body and we want you to be engaged and informed. But if you feel like you already know what’s going on, you can always opt out of receiving notifications as participation is voluntary. Just don’t forget to visit the blog often! And of course, you can always stop by the Student Life offices as we are eager to help.